Life after the Sendong Disaster hit Iligan City Philippines

The Spiritans are now involved in saving lives, distributing relief  goods, and construction of new houses for the Sendong victims of the most affected areas in Iligan and Cagayan de Oro cities.

The Spiritans have been working in Iiligan since 1997 and we are mainly at the mountainous part of the city called Digkilaan. Unfortunately, more than 500 people died in Dingkilaan and more than 300 families are affected because of the disaster.


We are very hopeful that through our work, many will become hopeful to face the challenges of life. Our work at this moment includes distribution of food items, drugs for sick children and adults, in collaboration with our Doctors-partners. We are also coordinating solicitations for the building of new houses where these families can be relocated temporarily. You are invited to collaborate with the Spiritans in this challenge. Donate in cash or kind.