Spiritan Day Care and Clinic Opens (JPIC)

Life has changed greatly for the Spiritan Formation community and its neighbors as the Spiritan Day Care and Clinic Opens. The small school that has brought so much joy to the life of the little children, started on the 1st of June with enrollment, and began classes with about 60 pupils on the 6th of June, 2011. There is so much joy as the Spiritans can directly touch the lives of their neighbors through the little children.


This experience is started at the same time with the Spiritan Clinic which is basically intended for the little children and the elderly in the community. Managed by the competency of the Medical student of the Mindanao State University ( MSU-IIT), every one in the Pindugangan community has free medical consultation and some drugs for free. this initiative is at the commitment of the Spiritan Justice and Peace (JPIC) project for the poor.

Spiritan Day Care, Pindugangan, Iligan city