Our Lady of Fatima Parish Celebrates their Fiesta with Joy

With Joy and Gratitude to God, the Parishioners of our Lady of Fatima Parish celebrates their fiesta. (October 13, 2012). This fiesta is very Unique to this community. It is the first fiesta for the entire parish after recovering half way from the pains and grief of the Typhoon Sendong that stuck in December last year. Together with the Bishop of Iligan, Most Rev. Elenito Galido, DD and the Parish priest, Fr. Adam Bago, CSSp, the community rejoices and thank God for protecting and blessing them despite the huge challenge of typhoon Sendong.

The Parish community is growing with more unity and co-operation after the Sendong experience. With the efforts of the Parish priest, Fr. Adam Bago, they have learned to help each other as a community. The parish has become the center for life and peace in the entire communities of Digkilaan, Rogongon and Mainit.



Amazingly, the Muslim brothers and sisters have discovered the Church as their second home. More than 100 Muslim families were beneficiaries of the emergency building projects of the parish, led by Fr. Adam. The old story of division and hostility between the Muslims and the Christians is giving way for peace and collaboration in Digkilaan Parish. The mentality is changing, a mission of love and action not words.

At this fiesta, The Muslims from Malaigang, Panorogangan, Rogongon all brought Maranaw dances to show their appreciation and solidarity with the Church.

May the Mother Mary continues to intercede for this difficult but promising parish.