Every year we make the Christmas meaningful for school children in Pindugangan-Tipanoy, Iligan city. We give presents to many of these less privileged kids who are in most cases have no one to offer them gifts. We gather our friends and teach them to share with these kids, who are so loving like Jesus.



On the 15th of December, 2012, we celebrated with more than 500 children who live in Pindugangan, Mibolo and Mibala.  Aside from the projects and gifts for them, we had a beautiful theme: RAIN OR SHINE, LET THE CHILDREN GO TO SCHOOL. Following this theme, we provided about 500 rain coats to school pupils of Reuyan Memorial Elementary school. Majority of these children, who attend class in this elementary school are really very poor. Most of them will have to walk for more than 9 kilometers every day in order to go to school. Most times, they get sick because of rain and heat.



To lessen their struggles and to promote education as one of the greatest tool against poverty, we decided to take up the project of buying rain coats for them. It was a beautiful event as many children are helped. We gave them many gifts apart from the rain-coats for their educational endeavors. More so, children’s party was more fun when the big Santa and hippy Jollibee danced with them.



The Mothers were not left out. They also receive gifts and cloths which were donated by many of our friends. We are grateful to all our friends who have been supporting our many projects for the less privileged. May the Lord bless you and your families. As you visit this page today, you can become part of our mission. Do something for the Children.