Sponsor a Spiritan Seminarian

The Congregation of the Holy Spirit (Spiritans) is a Catholic Missionary group founded in Paris, France by Claude Poullart des Places on the Pentecost Sunday in 1703. We are specially consecrated to the Holy Spirit and dedicated to serving the poorest and most abandoned in the world. As a missionary Congregation, we are called to active evangelization of the oppressed and we offer our lives under the Inspiration of the Holy Spirit for Service, to the ends of the earth. We are sent to those people, groups and to individuals who have scarcely heard the good news. “The Spirit of the lord is upon us, and he has anointed us to proclaim the good news to the poor …” (Lk 4: 18)

Becoming a Spiritan priest/brother between 10 and 11 years on the average.
It usually follow these stages:

  • Postulancy -     1 year
  • Noviciate -        1 year
  • Philosophy/ College studies -     4 years
  • Prefecting/ Pastoral year -           2 years
  • Theology studies -     4 years

At the moment, we have young men working in about 65 countries and in five different continents of the world. These missionaries work for Christ under challenging and difficult conditions; sacrificing their lives for the course of the gospel. These need our spiritual and material support

In the Philippines, the Spiritans have been serving the poorest in the difficult areas of Mindanao, Visayas and Luzon. In Mindanao we are working with the Higaonons, the Muslims especially the Maranaos, the Bajaus and the Subanens. In Luzon area, we focus on the training of our Seminarians and teaching ministry in the university (Ateneo de Manila University). In Cebu city, we care for children at the Slums; located at Barangay T.Padilla and Barangay Laray in Talisay. We educate the poorest with over 200 scholars around the Country. We serve Prisoners and care for Victims of Natural disasters at different parts of the Country. We are also involved in the hospital ministry to care for the weakest. We carry the Gospel to the most mountainous regions of the Country, bearing witness as advocates and defenders of the Weak.

It is essential to give every young Spiritan a human, spiritual, intellectual and ecclesial formation as deep, strong, vibrant as possible to allow each of them to achieve our mission in the world with proper attitude of service in the Church.~ Venerable Libermann


Those who dispose themselves of this noble apostolate of working for the continuity of the mission of Christ through material support are assured of the Lord’s blessing:

  1. To them, the Lord Jesus makes this assurance. “I am with you always, indeed unto eternity” (Mt 28: 20).
  2. Furthermore, Jesus promises, “none of you will lose my reward” (Mt. 10:42)
  3. Daily masses and prayers are offered for your intentions and also for the repose of the souls of deceased sponsors by the spiritans.
  4. You are assured of our solidarity both in high and low moments of your life.

We strongly believe that God knows the best way to reward you…


  • Postulancy
  • Novitiate
  • Philosophy/ College Studies
  • Prefecting/ Pastoral year
  • Theology Studies


  • Teaching in schools
  • Working in parishes
  • Coordinating youth ministries
  • Caring for sick patients
  • Ministering for prisoners
  • Serving victims of Natural Disasters


  • Books
  • Stationaries
  • Computers


This category offers many the opportunity to contribute their window’s mite in supporting the tuition.

(Any amount monthly or yearly according to your ability or...)


Sponsor for one day

$ 11.00 USD


Sponsor for one week

$ 44.00 USD


Sponsor for one month

$ 108.00


In this category, a sponsor supports one or more of the following fees that make up total cost for the training of candidates for priesthood/brotherhood.


Tuition fees for one academic year:

PHP 70,000
$ 1,507 USD

Feeding fees for one academic year:

PHP 60,000
$ 1,292 USD

School supplies etc. fees for one academic year

PHP 120,000
$ 2,584 USD

In this category, a sponsor fully supports training of candidates for priesthood/brotherhood. It takes Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Pesos.

Tuition, Boarding and Feeding fees for one academic year

PHP 250,000
$ 5, 382 USD

$ 5,382

Though it takes at least ten or more years to a candidate for priesthood/brotherhood to complete his programme and get ordained (if God wills), prospective sponsors have the freedom to decide to what extent they want to get involved. Hence, one may wish to carry-on for more than a year, however some may also decide to follow up till the candidate completes the program. All are welcome on board. We appreciate any kinds of support.


Please know that we Spiritans of the Philippines group remember you, your family, working/business and intentions in our Masses and prayers.

Some offer their lives to the Mission by presenting themselves while others preach silently by sponsorship. Why not be a part of this mission for Christ ?

Kindly make your donations payable to either of the following Banks

Bank:                    Banco de Oro (BDO)
Account No.:         001800294660
Account Name:     Congregation of the Holy Spirit


Kindly make your donations payable to either of the following Banks

Bank:                    Philippine National Bank (PNB)
Account No.:         326133200012
Account Name:     Congregation of the Holy Spirit


Spiritan Missionary Training Society (SMTS)
Congregation of the Holy Spirit, Philippines.

Fr. Jean-Marie Bassok, CSSp
St. James Catholic Parish, Padre Burgos, Maasin Leyte, Philippines
e-mail: jbassok@yahoo.fr
Tel: +63 9399395359, +63 9173040106

Fr. Illah Leo Agbene, CSSp
The Superior, Spiritan Philippines
e-mail: illah@musician.org spiritansphilippines@yahoo.com
Tel: +63 9985540883, +63 9278044580
website: www.spiritansphilippines.com