Vision & Mission


Empowered by the the Holy Spirit , and United with the Spiritan family worldwide, We, the Spiritans of the Philippine circumscription shares to you our vision:

A Joyful and United international community rooted in the Philippines, Sanctified by the Holy Spirit and committed to the promotion of human dignity, putting our personal and communal gifts at the service of the poor within the Local Church.


 The Spirit leads us to be at the service of all people, especially the poor, the excluded and the marginalized, to support them, to live and work with them, to bring about a realization of the kingdom of God in works of justice, peace and reconciliation” . (Maynooth 1998,p10).

We, the Spiritans in the Philippines constantly strive to be faithful in responding to the call to evangelize the poor, to go to people, groups and individuals who have not yet heard the Gospel or who have scarcely understood it; to those whose needs are greatest, and to the oppressed. Inspired by the Holy Spirit and the Spiritan calling, and in collaboration with the Local Church, we are committed to serving the Filipino people in the Spirit of the Gospel,  with respect for cultures and the Filipino values through a prayerful life and sustainable programs that promote mission and growth of the local vocations to the Spiritan family.

Our commitment is made visible in our responses to the following key areas of our mission:

-Serving the Local Church

-The Poorest of the Poor

-Those denied of justice (The prison ministry)

-Justice and peace and integrity of creation

-Dialogue with other religions (Muslims, Lumads, Buddhists, etc)

We are able to do all things by the power of Christ who strengthens us (Phil 4:13), depending on the guidance of the Holy Spirit.